Course Objectives – The objectives of this course are:-

  1. To introduce new and exciting field of Intelligent CAD/CAM/CAE with particular focus on engineering product design and manufacturing.
  2. To develop a holistic view of initial competency in engineering design by moderncomputational methods.

Course Outcomes - Students will be able to

    CO1 Identify proper computer graphics techniques for geometric modelling
    CO2 Transform, manipulate objects and store and manage graphical data
    CO3 Design/Model and Prepare part programming applicable to CNC machines using modern tools i.e. Solidworks and MasterCAM
    CO4 Analyze complex engineering components using FEA analysis
    CO5 Express rapid prototyping and tooling concepts in real life applications for cost effective and fast prototyping
    CO6 Classify and associate industry practices and CIM utilities in Mechanical Engineering Industries