The course aims to provide basic understanding to the students about the technology, architecture, and applications associated with a range of current and next generation wireless networks such as cellular networks, bluetooth, Zigbees, adhoc Network ,WSN etc. The students will get a detailed knowledge and critical understanding of technical concepts which are at the core of design and implementation of wireless Networks.

Course Objective:

  • Introduction to planning and design of wireless networks

  • Introduction to HSPA systems

  • To study emerging technologies like Bluetooth, zigbee, Wimax

  • Understanding the wireless sensor network architecture and the protocol stack and WSN applications.

Course Objectives:

  • To understand the basics of satellite communications and different satellite communication orbits.
  • Provide an in-depth understanding of satellite communication system operation, launching techniques, satellite link design and earth station technology.
  • To explain the tools necessary for the calculation of basic parameters in a satellite communication system.
  • Review the state of the art in new research areas such as speech and video coding, satellite networking and satellite personal communications, mobile satellite communication, Laser satellite.