Primary Goals of the Entering Research Course :-

  • To create a supportive learning environment to introduce students to the culture of research
  • To teach students valuable skills needed to become effective researchers
  • To alleviate some of the work of faculty with the help of students

The course aims to introduce the students to fundamental concepts in Computer Networking and Applications, building to an understanding of the structure and function of the Internet, and the construction of networks in general.Lectures will focus on theory and problem solving. Tutorials will extend lectures and provide an opportunity for discussion and feedback. Practical and lab work will reinforce theoretical concepts through their application.

The objectives of the course are

1. To develop understanding of basic concepts and algorithms used for image processing

2. To make students aware of recent trends in the field of machine vision and generate project ideas.

3. To provide hands-on experience of implementing algorithms using various tools like C/C++, SciLab, MATLAB etc.

Radar is used to extend the capability of one's senses for observing the environment, especially the sense of vision.The value of radar lies not in being a substitute for the eye, but in doing what the eye cannot do. Radar cannot resolve details nor is it capable of recognizing the 'colour' of the objects to the degree of sophistication of which the human eye is capable, but can be designed to see through those conditions impervious to the human vision.This is its most important attribute.