This course aims to teach the students the basic principles of modern digital communication system through a combination of thorough theoretical treatment in lectures and extensive experimentation in the laboratory.It aims to provide the student with necessary background knowledge,skills and fundamentals to work successfully in telecommunication field.

Electromagnetics is of fundamental importance to physicists and to electrical and computer engineers. Electromagnetic theory is indispensable in understanding electromechanical energy conversion devices, transmission and utilization, communication systems, RF/microwave devices, optical fibre communication, antennas, remote sensing, radio astronomy, and electromagnetic compatibility. 

The course will start introducing the electromagnetic theory as a general theory that includes the standard electro- and magneto-statics. Then relationship between the electric and magnetic fields, and their links expressed through Maxwell’s equations, become the basis for introducing wave propagation. Finally, the course will cover several aspects of electromagnetic applications and transmission lines, Smith charts.

ECC504 -Discrete Time Signal Processing

The course objective is to explore the knowledge of data compression and cryptography techniques to perform compression for text, images, video and audio and provide data security. It aims to provide the student with necessary background knowledge, skills & fundamental concepts of cryptography and various algorithms to provide system security used in telecommunication field.