OBJECTIVE: To teach students Optical fiber structures wave guide, fabrication and signal degradation in fiber, The characteristics of optical sources and detectors, Link budget


ECC703.1: The students will be able to describe the various theories and principles used in optical transmission using the ray and wave guide transmission theory.

ECC703.2: The students will be able to explain principles and characteristics of various types of fibers, sources, detectors ,various fiber optic components , various methods used in fiber fabrication and losses in fiber.

ECC703.3: The students should be able to apply various theories of fiber optics for selecting the right component in the fiber optics network design for improving the receiver performance.

ECC703.4: The students will be able to classify and analyze the various kinds of fibers, optical sources and detectors and other components based on their electrical specifications, characteristics and requirements and will be able to analyze the link.

ECC703.5: The students should be able to evaluate various fiber parameters, number of modes, losses, quantum efficiency , bit error rate , non linearity and the link power budget and rise time budget for any given fiber link.

ECC703.6: The students should be able to design a optical fiber communication links using appropriate components for any topographical scenario.