Course Outcomes:

ETE701.1– Students will be able to define Data Compression and Data Encryption and Describe different types of Compression and Encryption techniques/algorithms with their applications in the areas of Telecommunication. (Remembering)

ETE701.2 – Students will be able to distinguish among various types of Data Compression and Encryption techniques/algorithms for text, audio, image and video data types. (Understanding)

ETE701.3 – Students will be able to solve problems based on various methods of Data Compression techniques and Number Theory. (Applying)

ETE701.4 ­– Students will be able to explain all the key aspects of different System Security and compare it based on its performance parameters. (Apply)

ETE701.5– Students will be able to compare the results of various methods of Data Compression and data security techniques based on their performance parameters. (Analyze)

ETE701.6- Students will be able to do present and document case studies based on the applications wherein encryption techniques, data and system security issues and solutions are discussed.  (Evaluate)