Cource Outcomes No. Blooms Taxonomy Level COURSE OUTCOME
ECC701.1 Knowledge  Students will have comprehensive knowledge and skills associated to Microwave passive,  active components and Microwave integrated circuits
ECC 701.2 Understanding Students will develop  a capacity to write and explain the theoretical concepts related to Microwave passive & active components. 
ECC701.3 Application  Students will develop the ability to apply knowledge to solve problems and derive equations on working of microwave devices . They  will be able to utilise the principles of microwave engineering towards solving problems of microstrip, coupled lines and strip lines.
ECC701.4 Analysis Students will develop the ability to analyse the working of matching networks and modes of waveguides, striplines, microstriplines and coupled lines
ECC701.5 Evaluation Students will be able to evaluate the  specifications to design of microwave devices. They will be able to compare and recommend a suitable device for the given application or measurement.
ECC701.6 Create Students will  design  a  network of a microwave subsystem for the given required specification